Bubbling to the Surface of C3/DS

From the Past Seas to a Future WorldIt was quite clear that I was ready to start the final preparations for my new C3/DS aquatic world! I recently shared a list of underwater agents, yet the main part of this world was still a mystery: The metarooms! Some of the previous screenshots have included hints, but I figured it was about time to officially name them. Pictured here is the Past Seas, by Grendel Man and Nirax. Although a little on the small side, especially when compared with Artemia Sea, it has a vibrant ecology and is often the perfect size for certain projects. This metaroom won’t be the main area, although it will be important!

A Creatures Land of Water and IntrigueAnother metaroom that will tie in with my new world is the Deep Abyss, by Grendel Man and Mea. This is a rather vast area, complete with a large amount of native plants. I’ve always loved the mysterious nature of this region, with its dark waters and unusual crystals. A pair of crobsters decided to show off as I was going around with my underwater camera! The setup of this metaroom may be a little more unusual, yet all will make sense once I have the backstory written. Suffice to say that some room boundaries were temporarily changed to make way for some customizations. Although this dark sea won’t necessarily be front and center all the time, it will be home to some specific Creatures. I’ll at least leave some of that a mystery, since I think it’s nice to find out the specific details at different times.

Aquatic Life in Creatures Docking StationProbably the most highlighted metaroom I’ve showcased is Artemia Sea, by Grendel Man and Mea. This is an absolutely wonderful region, filled with all sorts of underwater life! It features many different spots for Creatures to settle down in, as I’ve seen throughout my testing. Some metarooms can stand on their own, with enough activity going on outside of any Creatures: This is certainly one of those! With a few additional customizations, I made this region perfect for the upcoming influx of life. However, this metaroom doesn’t need anything added to be awesome!

A Hint of the Surprises to Come in This WorldWith three very distinct metarooms, all with specific residents in mind, it might seem like everyone will live in complete isolation. Not so! Of course, I made sure that movement between the rooms will still be pretty uncommon. Perhaps one of the most overlooked addition when connecting metarooms are CA links: I was careful to remember them! Just a few more days of testing should give me an idea of how viable this idea is. I do apologize for taking longer than I originally anticipated: The worst thing would be to have this world die out pretty quickly, though, and have everyone lose interest in following along. Those swimming Creatures will be paddling around Discover Albia soon enough!

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