Creatures 1 Secrets with CrEd32

A Look at the Creatures Program CrEd32I still felt sad over the recent death in my world, and I needed a little more time before I jumped back in to play. One program I had completely forgotten to use for ages was the Creatures Editor 32, also known as CrEd32. It may have been an old program, yet it still worked on my system! I decided to use the Norn Autopsy program to take a closer look at Krathlaysi’s death. Note that this feature merely examines a dead Norn or Grendel, and doesn’t actually involve an autopsy. What I found was rather sad, for it showed that Krathlaysi was extremely hungry, tired, and sleepy at the time of her death. That final pregnancy really took a toll on her body. However, the level of her aging chemical confirmed that she died of old age. Interestingly, CrEd32 will always mark an old age death as “cause of death not yet understood.”

Another Type of C1 Observation KitWhile I got reacquainted with some of the other features of the Creatures Editor 32, I stumbled across something that could be very useful! One of the menu items provides an overview of everyone currently in the world. The data should look very familiar, as it’s mostly what the Observation Kit presents, save for the healthy/sick indication. However, there were two additional Creatures on this list whom I didn’t expect to see: Dahloi and Nildeleer! The Creatures 1 Observation Kit is not programmed to show the health of any Grendels within the world, so it’s a bit of a hassle to use the Multiple Grendel Button all the time. I was completely unaware that this feature existed! Now it looked like I could get an overview of all of my Creatures, not just the Norns, in a quick glance. Krathlaysi’s death was still fresh in my mind, yet her passing gave me the ability to discover something new about Creatures 1 that would come in handy.

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