Diving Into a Creatures Sea of Aquamites

Hatching Underwater in a Grendel Sort of WayAs I got closer and closer to nailing down my underwater world concept, the one problem I faced was my Grendel eggs. These refused to grow and hatch underwater, even though I was using an updated COS file. A huge thanks to Grendel Man of The Realm for coming up with the solution! I forgot that I injected the Grendel upgrade, which changes the breeding script. I simply needed to reset the file with a little CAOS, and everything was working again! This funny little guy popped out of his egg without hesitation, and I was excited to move forward with adding Grendels to this world. The more species, the merrier!

A Teeming Population in Artemia SeaMy exceptionally long test runs gave me an idea of what would work, and what could pose problems. One of the sharks in Artemia Sea was rather disconcerted about how many aquamites were swimming around! They took over the metaroom, swarming into every crevice. So far as I could tell, they really weren’t a taxing sort of resource. All the same, I could see how they could end up taking over the screenshots from this world. I decided to include them in some ways, although they likely wouldn’t be featured in Artemia Sea. Luckily, there were plenty of other bugs and critters to keep things lively! This week should feature the parameters for this world, as well as a short, fictional backstory to add a little mystery and intrigue!

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