Download the New C1 Chocolate Egg Sprites

A New Set of Egg Sprites for Creatures 1It’s time for a new Creatures 1 release! Some readers may recall the Creatures 1 Easter egg sprites I created about a year ago. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken into account the restrictions of the C1 palette, so they appeared quite different in-game when compared with the promotional image. Thanks to some sleuthing about and a very helpful file from Romy, I managed to get back into recoloring sprites to create a new set of eggs!

Download the Creatures 1 Chocolate Egg Sprites

The Creatures 1 Chocolate Egg Sprites bring some sugary goodness to Albia! Although the eggs may look extra tasty, no incubating babies are in danger of being eaten: That outer shell is still just as protective! This C1 addition is perfect for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween. However, feel free to up the chocolate percentage of a world anytime of the year! For even more fun, the chocolate “flavors” included with this download are caramel, cappuccino, dark, milk, orange, and white. Just remember to remind Norns and Grendels not to gobble them up!

Adding More Chocolate to AlbiaI put my test batch of eggs on a little journey, to make the terrible pun about putting all the eggs in a basket… Or a cable car! I have several other egg varieties planned for release over the not-so-distant future. They’re pretty simple and I know they’re kind of silly, but I’m sure there has to be a chocolate lover out there who will enjoy these! Incidentally, would there be any interest in a Creatures 1 wolfling run, run somewhat similarly to the Pre-Release Aquatic Wolfling Run? This just reminded me of the wonderful quote from Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Certainly these chocolate egg sprites could make way for a fun sort of wolfling run, where no one knows exactly who will show up or what will happen! I seem to be full of ideas lately, though, so I’m happy to focus on other projects if no one is all that interested. Never hurts to ask, though! Hopefully these tasty new eggs will make their way into a few Creatures 1 worlds: Enjoy!

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