Dusting Off the Creatures Strategy Guides

The Creatures 1 Strategy GuideI decided to take my enjoyment for Creatures offline for part of the day, and opened up my copy of Creatures Official Strategies and Secrets! This guide was awesome to read through the first time, as it gave me all sorts of information about Creatures 1 I never knew about. It came out back in the “early days” of the internet, at least in my life, when it was difficult to find a single online resource. Opening it up brought back so many memories! I started reading, not for the information, but for the hidden elements I had forgotten. Such as the color of the Albian sun, an extinct critter, and all of the references to “vicious Grendels.” I revisited some of the history and myths surrounding the game, and it was wonderful. I think this book was one of the reasons why I grew so attached to Creatures. There was so much hidden beneath the surface, and this guide provided a lot of details about complex ideas like genetics and the Norn brain structure. Even now, I still use some of the reference tables! Rereading it was a fun way to relive memories, too.

The Creatures 2 Strategy GuideThe one saving grace for Creatures 2, which I recently criticized for its troubles, was the publication of a similar guide. The Official Creatures 2 Strategies and Secrets is also part of my Creatures collection, although I don’t remember reading it. I plan to go through it again after I devour the Creatures 1 strategy guide, whose pages have been turning quickly! I have a list of ideas, too, based on some of the tidbits from the book. The surprising fact about both of these guides is that they are still readily available at decent prices. The original price tag on each guide is $19.99 USD, but they each can often be purchased for around $10 USD, including shipping. Both of these guides are a unique element in the Creatures universe, and I highly recommend looking into them. A good portion of each guide is geared towards newer players, yet there are plenty of reference materials and advanced topics that long-time players may enjoy. Have a copy in your collection? Dust it off every now and then to read through a few pages: It’s not a bad way to get a little more inspiration to enjoy the Creatures games!

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