Life Before Death and the Strange Cart Norn

Reaching Ten Hours of Life in AlbiaMy Creatures 1 world was still relatively happy after the death of Athahain. With so many elderly Norns, I was fairly certain there would be another death. Fortunately, life took over and things were a lot more positive! For one, Brekennion became the first Norn of this generation to live for more than ten hours! I snapped a picture of him just when he reached that milestone, with Hybralvao and Preetar along for a little celebratory parade. Perhaps Brekennion would live the longest!

An Empty Honeypot and a Full StomachPathun was still out of sorts without anyone around to keep him company. He looked like he was ready to join the main group, yet he ended up turning around and returning to his underground home. It wasn’t as depressing as it sounded, though. I found him curled up next to an empty honeypot, with the last drops still dribbling out. Pathun may have been living alone, yet he was a happy old guy. Possibly the best part of this new life was the fact that he didn’t have to share the honey: I do believe any Norn would count that as a wonderful way to live!

A Protective Mother in AlbiaNot everyone was so focused on living alone… Losthrayte went into isolation to get some rest, but it was for an entirely different reason than Pathun. She proudly stood by her shiny new egg! It wasn’t laid in a very good spot, as Losthrayte quickly found out. This area of Albia was rather cold and dark. The splashing water also wasn’t too good for this baby, since no one in this world was aquatic! Losthrayte parked herself between her egg and the water, while trying her best to shield it from any harm.

A Rather Unusual Stance in AlbiaThere was another Norn who was all alone in my world, and that was Pfeffablel. Living with the other Norns simply didn’t suit her, and she reminded me a lot of Athahain. The latter was very serious, and wasn’t a fan of playing with the toys. The former Albian ball brigade just seemed silly to her! On the other hand, Pfeffablel had a silly side. She crouched down near the underground cart, and thought of what it would be like to have a Norn head and a cart as the rest of her body. She was the elusive Cart Norn!

A Lack of Thinking in the Face of HungerSince Dahloi and Nildeleer had been reunited, he looked like he was completely settled down. No more running around the world on his own, or leaving poor Nildeleer to fend for herself! Yet after a time, the two Grendels found themselves separated by the ocean. I had a little work on my hands with Dahloi, whose infinite wisdom guided him to eat one of the weeds. Companula was a fairly harmless weed, although it packed some nasty side effects. Dahloi hardly cared: He was much more enraptured with the lift! His eating skills had suffered in many ways, though, and I had to coax him into getting down a carrot.

The Important Thinking Pose of a GrendelJust across the ocean, separated from Dahloi by a not-so-vast body of water, was Nildeleer. She looked rather forlorn on the dock, when in fact she was quite content! Food was no problem for her, at least after a refresher course in the whole concept of putting it in her mouth! Do Norns and Grendels sometimes think that holding a food item counts as solid nutrition? Sometimes I wonder… Nildeleer was wondering about things, too, like when she would see Dahloi again. If she squinted her eyes and peered towards the desert island, she could sometimes make out his silhouette. Or maybe, just maybe, she was enjoying the quiet!

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