National Jelly Bean Day and Creatures

A Colorful Collection of Jelly Bean EggsOne of my fun Creatures tasks of the week has centered around recoloring the egg sprites, courtesy of a few helpful Photoshop files! I will be posting those for public download very soon, as they make developing within the limited Creatures 1 palette much easier. Earlier in the week, we saw the release of the Creatures 1 Chocolate Egg Sprites. Today, I stumbled across a very random holiday alert: It’s National Jelly Bean Day! To celebrate, there is another new set of egg sprites to make a C1 world feel a little more fun. These jelly bean egg sprites are quite colorful, with the included “flavors” being cherry, grape, lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry. Delicious!

Download the Creatures 1 Jelly Bean Egg Sprites

A New Way to Add Sugary Color to a Creatures WorldHowever tasty these eggs might look, they’re still as inedible as ever and safe from the prying hands of Norns and Grendels! They might make a nice addition around Easter or Halloween each year, or they could change things up anytime. The nice thing about recolored sprites is that they can be switched out all the time: My only caution is to make sure that Creatures 1 isn’t running when installing the sprites. Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day with your Norns and Grendels! As always, enjoy!

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