Recommended Underwater Agents for C3/DS

The Mysteries of the Albian OceansAs I set the stage for my new Creatures Docking Station underwater world, it looked like the final issues had been ironed out! I was happy with the changes I made, although it was a shame that the Aquatilis Caverna metarooms didn’t quite fit in with my plans. All the same, the testing looked to be about complete! The most pressing decision was whether to make any genetic changes to the breeds I had chosen. While I contemplated that idea, there was a subject far more interesting to talk about. The breeds and metarooms will remain a mystery for now, but not the agents!

The Beginning of a Customized Aquatic WorldOne of the best features of C3/DS is the ability to customize a world with agents and other add-ons. I thought about what it would be like if the game had no third-party development: The base Creatures games are very near and dear to many of us, yet would we really want to play after all of these years if there was nothing new to try? No way to make a world our own? I appreciate all of the Creatures developers out there; past, present, and future; who have made playing the games so fun for me! I put together a list of all of the agents to be used in this upcoming world. Many are aquatic-themed, yet I also included some of the more helpful agents that I use for various other reasons. Feel free to use this list to set up your own underwater world, too!

Helpful Agents

Listed alphabetically, these agents are some of my favorites in terms of improving a C3/DS world. This is not an exhaustive list, though: Just some of my personal preferences for agents to use in this world!

Advanced Muco by Amaikokonut

Selecting an egg from Muco can be a hassle when there are many breeds installed. This agent creates a navigable list that saves a lot of time, and just makes laying eggs easier in general.

Creature Crossbreeding Script by Amaikokonut

This may not be the right agent for everyone, as it allows Creatures from different species to crossbreed, albeit in rare circumstances. Naturally occurring hybrids are an interesting addition to a world, though!

Creature Nametags by Amaikokonut

Keeping track of everyone in C3/DS can be difficult enough, especially when there are many who look alike! The addition of this agent adds nametags to every Creature, which is wonderfully helpful.

Critical Hit Script by Amaikokonut

Another agent that isn’t for everyone, this one allows for critical hits and a way for Creatures to escape from attackers. Underwater might be another story, although there is a reason to have this one in my world…

Death Update by Ghosthande (Yautja Norn Download)

Under certain conditions, this agent leaves a skull behind when a Grendel dies. It is more of an addition than a necessary fix, although I enjoy having that random element of surprise with Grendels around.

Grendel Upgrade DS by Gameware (Banshee Grendel Breed Pack, Currently Unavailable)

Allowing female Grendels to have their own voices is a nice update with this agent. Make sure to use the CAOS command ject “DS creatureBreeding.cos” 7 to allow their eggs to hatch underwater again, if using an updated COS file!

Magic Words Core by Amaikokonut

If ever there was an agent to make Creatures more interesting, this is it! The core allows for various other modules to be added to the game, all of which can be accessed via simple commands within the game.

Magic Words – Cloning by Amaikokonut

There are some instances where a world needs some objects to be moved or cloned, which is where this agent comes into play! Another not entirely necessary one, yet one which serves a couple of purposes for my world.

Magic Words – Indicator Arrows by Amaikokonut

Many of my screenshots from C3/DS feature no indicator arrows, even though I often have the Creature selected. This agent toggles the appearance of the arrows, which is especially useful for taking in-game screenshots and videos.

Magic Words – Marks by Amaikokonut

Keeping track of various family lines is something I thoroughly enjoy, and utilizing these custom marks makes that even easier! This agent is highly recommended for marking different Creatures for any number of purposes.

Magic Words – Room Edits by Amaikokonut

Fixing CA links and checking on room properties can be very difficult, yet this agent opens up some easy options. Most important are the CA links, which are necessary when connecting metarooms via teleporters or doors.

Protective Tub by Amaikokonut

The default Creatures Docking Station autonamer doesn’t always work all that well, which is why I enjoy this agent so much. The list can also be customized to make for some very interesting naming schemes!

Underwater Agents

Another alphabetical list of agents geared towards improving an aquatic environment and adding custom elements. There are many more out there: These are just the ones that have worked the best for me!

Anemones by Ghosthande, Grendel Man, and Moe

Underwater plants and weeds can be difficult to come by, yet this agent creates a beautiful addition to any underwater world. A tinted version is also available to add even more color to a world, which is the one I use most often.

C2 Crabs by AquaShee

Probably one of the less known underwater agents, this recreates the Creatures 2 crabs in C3/DS. They’re actually quite useful, with the young ones classified as critters and the adults classified as beasts.

Crobsters by Gameware (Bondi Norn Breed Pack, Currently Unavailable)

Making sure that an underwater metaroom has a functioning ecosystem can be difficult, and these critters help add another food source! They’re also fun to have around, particularly for their sound effects.

Garden Box by Amaikokonut (Add Ons by Assorted Developers)

There really is nothing else like this agent, which adds a whole new layer of customization to the game. I highly recommend looking into Grendel Man’s aquatic Garden Box creations!

Heat Transfer in Water by Moe

One of the main issues with aquatic worlds is the inability for heat to travel through water. Luckily, this agent addresses just that and makes it possible for aquatic Creatures to feel some warmth while swimming around!

Sea Garden – Coralroot by Grendel Man (Sea Garden Pack One Download)

The underwater environments in C3/DS are often very colorful, and this agent adds a rather vibrant aquatic food item! Just a few of these seeds can sprout into a highly nutritious region for swimming Creatures.

Sea Garden – Sea Pen by Grendel Man (Sea Garden Pack One Download)

Fruit can be difficult to come by underwater, yet this agent addresses the need perfectly. Complete with a life cycle, it makes for another vibrant way to add an important source of fruit to an aquatic metaroom.

Swimming Agent V2 by Grendel Man

Originally, Creatures could not actually swim around underwater, but were confined to walking on the bottom. This agent includes many updates to allow Creatures to properly swim around and enjoy entire underwater metarooms.

Have suggestions of your own? Feel free to leave a comment! Although my list is pretty much all set for my underwater world, that doesn’t mean that other recommendations won’t be useful to others. There are plenty of other agents out there, and some that I possibly never tried out! Coming up soon will be more information about this world, including a little fictional story to set the stage. Stay tuned for more underwater Creatures fun!

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