Starting Out in a Land of CAOS

CrEd32 and Creatures COB CreationOne element of Creatures I still have yet to fully understand is the CAOS language, and how to use it for making agents and COBs. A quick glance at the Creatures CAOS Guide (PDF) could make anyone run away and hide! Although there are descriptions with the commands, sometimes it takes a little more to figure out exactly what the cryptic words mean. I started to take a look at some C1 CAOS, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. My only problem was the fact that BoBCoB wasn’t very friendly with me. It crashed nearly as much as Creatures 2! Well, maybe not that bad… I quickly found out that my current favorite, CrEd32, was actually a decent solution for me.

At this point, I’m simply opening up existing COBs to try to find out what their scripts do. Even just one COB gave me a decent amount of insight, along with some help from Amaikokonut of Naturing :: Nurturing! Just like Creatures genetics can be extremely overwhelming to someone brand new to them, the trick is to take things slowly. CAOS isn’t as terrible as one might think: There are some complex topics, yet the majority of the language can be picked up over time. The one particularly annoying aspect, however, is figuring out the classifier number. Many programs can calculate this, but I couldn’t find any documentation about CrEd32 having this feature.

Determining the Creatures 1 Class NumberThen, there it was! A wonderful calculator that could figure out this number from the family, genus, and species. Wonderful! Right now I’m simply dabbling for the sake of learning, but perhaps there will be some upcoming COBs to keep an eye out for…

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