The Myths of Creatures Blogging

Remember that there are only two days left before the Discover Albia activity survey closes! There have been a lot of wonderful responses that have confirmed some plans I have, while also steering me in slightly different directions for other ideas. One focus of the survey was to understand how Creatures players view the activity of blogging. I use the words “blog” and “blogging” very loosely here, as they can also be applied to standard Creatures web sites in many ways. Some of the write-in responses stirred up some thoughts, and I put together a list of some common myths surrounding Creatures blogging. This certainly is not an exhaustive list, yet I hope these cover some of the most common concerns!

Myth 1: There are Enough Creatures Blogs Already

First off, there can never be enough Creatures blogs! I think some players may get caught up in the idea that there isn’t a reason to jump on board because there are a bunch of active blogs. Everyone plays the Creatures games differently, and has unique perspectives on the games. I’ve never come across a Creatures blogger who doesn’t welcome a new voice. True, some blogs may have a similar sort of focus, yet each one is different and appeals to different players and readers!

Myth 2: Starting a Creatures Blog is Too Hard

Although starting a new blog takes a little more effort than a snap of the fingers, getting started isn’t all that bad! I can personally vouch that it’s simpler than learning about Creatures genetics or CAOS. The real secret is planning ahead. Just opening up a blog and thinking it will all work out is a guaranteed way to fail. Why? Because blogs do require time and energy, yet how much of that is determined by the author. Many bloggers (myself included) are also willing to help new Creatures bloggers get started!

Myth 3: I Need to Invest My Own Money to Get Started

Creatures blogs require time, not money, to start and maintain. There are free services available for blogging and hosting that also cover coding and site design. The free stuff works very well, too!

Myth 4: I Have to be Well Known in the Community

New players can start a Creatures blog just as much as established community members! There are no popularity contests, nor negativity based on who someone is (or isn’t). New and old are welcome!

Myth 5: I Need to be an Advanced Creatures Player

Many Creatures blogs focus on advanced topics like agents, CAOS, and genetics, yet these are not required to blog! Seemingly simple subjects, like what happened in one of your worlds or why you really dislike the color of the C1 cheese, are actually really interesting content! Why? Because everyone experiences the game differently. And who knows: Maybe you’ll end up learning some advanced stuff!

Myth 6: Maintaining a Creatures Blog is Too Hard

It can be overwhelming to keep up with a blog. The trick is to set expectations: Do you want to post once a day, or once a week? Which of the Creatures games will you write about? What Creatures topics interest you? Is the color of the C1 cheese really that offensive? No one expects a Creatures blog to be amazingly active: It’s you, the author, who sets those expectations. Set them, stick to them, and all will be well!

Myth 7: No One Will Read or Care About What I Post

I once believed this myth, because I equated interest in my posts with the number of comments. Many readers may be silent, yet there are a good number of people who just love reading about Creatures!

Myth 8: I Can Quit My Job and Earn Money with a Creatures Blog

Showing ads on a Creatures blog may bring in a few pennies here and there, but we have such a small niche market. There are also Terms and Conditions that must be followed. Good luck with this one!

Hopefully dispelling these myths will show how anyone who has a little time and a lot of love for Creatures can get started! The best advice I can give anyone is to write for yourself and focus on subjects you enjoy. It can be tempting to start writing about topics that may be more popular, yet your Creatures blog is yours. Readers can sense when you’re passionate about a subject! Don’t ever feel pressured or stressed out about blogging. I also don’t want to make it sound like everyone has to have their own blog or site for Creatures-related stuff. This is merely a list to break down a few hurdles for anyone on the fence about taking the plunge. Feel free to share any links to new Creatures blogs here!

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