The Trouble with Relocating Norns

Gently Awakening the Sleeping NornSince I last defended the Creatures 1 Grendel, Nildeleer found herself all alone. Her beloved Dahloi really had decided that he wasn’t quite ready to settle down. Poor Nildeleer was all alone on the docks! When at last she encountered a new friend, it was of the sleeping kind. Losthrayte needed a lot of extra energy after her last pregnancy! Nildeleer looked like she wanted to shake the Norn back to consciousness, yet she really just leaned in close to make sure Losthrayte was nice and cozy.

The Trio of TroublemakersI, on the other hand, was gearing up for a whole lot of work! There was a new teaching method to test out, which meant I needed a pretty large area to raise a baby Norn. My garden was far from empty, courtesy of Preetar, Hybralvao, and Brekennion taking it over. They were very happy in the region, yet I wasn’t about to hatch a new Norn to be raised by them! Adult Norns can make good role models for young Norns, but these didn’t seem like the best candidates. Preetar was a slap-happy sort of guy!

The Invigorating Exchange Between NornsBrekennion and Hybralvao cooperated enough to move to the treehouse area. I thought they were very interested in one another, but they quickly ran out of topics to talk about. Hybralvao had enough when all Brekennion could do was to point out that she was a Norn! Smooth, Brekennion, smooth. At least he looked dapper as he walked away, his pride a little damaged from Hybralvao’s very justified boredom.

Stopping Everything for a Certain NornThe real troublemaker of the group was Preetar, whom I practically dragged out of the garden! For some reason, he had a very spoiled attitude about him. He looked like he was happy, yet he was rather upset about the lift moving. If Preetar wanted it to stop, it had to stop quickly! With the garden area clear and everyone in good health, I was ready to settle down to spend a good 20 minutes or so with my next Norn. Only time would tell how this teaching experiment would work out!

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