Understanding the Creatures 1 Color Palette

Getting Up Close with AlbiaCreating and recoloring sprites for Creatures 1 is something I enjoy working with, although there are some inherent difficulties. For instance, I overlooked one very important detail when I released the C1 Easter Egg Sprites last year. Creatures 1 has a limited 256 color palette, which must always be remembered. Otherwise, the game takes its best guess at what a color should look like… Not always the prettiest picture! Although those egg sprites turned out decently enough, I’m in the process of working on an update for them to use some of the more vibrant colors available in the game. The hardest part, at least for me, was figuring out exactly what those colors actually were! The Creatures Wiki provides an explanation about the palette.dta file, yet I was in search of a resource that would translate the massive code into a visual. I was at a loss, until I found a tiny black and white screenshot on page 119 of my Creatures 1 strategy guide.

Tricks of the Trade with Creatures SpritingIt looked like a small palette of colors… 256 to be exact! So I headed off to try out Alexander Laemmle’s Creatures Object Editor (COE). I crossed my fingers, hoping that this 1997 program would still work! It did, and I was over the moon when I saw its sprite editor! There it was: A color chart that showed all of the colors used within Creatures 1. No copyright infringement is meant by this screenshot: The colors have actually been changed ever so slightly to keep this data unique to the program. With a little bit of patience, I managed to create an Adobe Photoshop palette file! This meant that there would be no guesswork when I worked on sprites: They would look exactly as they did in the game. Thank you to Beowolf for including this feature! Expect to see some new Easter egg sprites soon!

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