Music Tracks in Creatures MNG Files

Completing the Atmosphere of CreaturesIt’s been all quiet in terms of my C3/DS world, Artemiidae, ever since the first video update. The lack of updates hasn’t been due to anything negative, though! In fact, I’ve been researching how to change something important in the world. After digging around for ages, I came to the conclusion that it might be helpful for me to share my findings before loading up Artemiidae again. What mysterious project has been occupying my time? Creatures music! Everyone is familiar with the ambient sounds, whether they’re the simple WAV files in C1, or the MNG files in C2 and C3/DS.

The music in all of the Creatures games has always been memorable, at least for me. There was something so mysterious and magical about those short snippets of ambient sound in Creatures 1, and then Creatures 2 introduced a beautifully dynamic form of music. Creatures 3 and Docking Station also expanded on the music that we heard, and I’ve found that many of the tracks set the stage for playing a world. The trouble is that the MNG file format includes multiple tracks, and one must use a program like MNGPlayer to figure out what’s actually included in each file. However, these older programs don’t always work on newer operating systems, so one might never be able to find the names of the tracks. Unimportant? There’s actually a very good reason for knowing the name of the tracks in MNG files! More on that shortly.

For those who don’t have access to a program that can read MNG files, I’ve compiled a list of all of the tracks included with the music of Creatures 2, Creatures 3, and Creatures Docking Station. Remember this resource: It will come in handy for an upcoming C3/DS tutorial, which is explained a little further down! Can you change the music in a metaroom? Read on…

Creatures 2


BioSpheres Birth Cellar Death
GeneSplicer GrendelLair Incubator Machinery
NearDeath PowerRoom Swamp Temple
Underwater UpperLevel UpperTemple Vents
Volcano Waterfall

Creatures 3


Labs1 Labs2 Main


Forest Main Quarry Tunnel1
Tunnel2 Volcano VolcanoControl


Engineering1 Engineering2


Birth Death NearDeath


Cryogenics Ground Pond Sewer
Swamp Upper


AquariumBeach AquariumCaves AquariumDoor AquariumUnderwater
Corridor VivariumCorridor VivariumGarden VivariumHatchery
VivariumLearning VivariumNursery VivariumOrchard VivariumPond


Aquarium AquaticPiano Bridge Desert
DesertFilter EngineRoom GrendelLair Vivarium

Creatures Docking Station


Bleep MetallicChords StringChords StringsFull
StringSolo Tremelo TremeloBleep

Diving Into the Music Behind CreaturesIn C3/DS, there are a number of third-party metarooms that don’t come with music. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though! It actually opens up the door for each player to use the tracks from the MNG files in different ways. Why? Because music can be assigned to a metaroom with a couple of relatively simple CAOS codes. Grendel Man explained a couple of methods both here and here. I take no credit for knowing how to do this: This list is simply meant to be a resource for those who can’t see the track names inside the MNG files. Up next will be a tutorial showing just how to use musical CAOS in C3/DS metarooms!

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