The Creatures Hive Video Question 1

The First Question in a Creatures Video SeriesThe newest feature of Discover Albia was announced last week, and a steady stream of questions has been pouring in ever since! The Creatures Hive is a challenge for me, since I typically chatter on and on about everything in my videos. The majority of questions will be addressed in the order they are received, aside from a few rare occasions where similar questions may be spaced out a bit. I’m very happy to present the very first question in this video series! Hopefully there will be plenty of other videos to cover a wide variety of topics.

Looking at the Ideas for a New Creatures GameThanks to Dylan for submitting the first question to the Creatures Hive! There were two ways to interpret this question, and I chose the one related to the various features of what I would like to see in a modern Creatures game. Of course, if I was completely incorrect and should have taken this as a question about the actual graphics, I would be happy to create another video to address the question correctly. This started off at around ten minutes, even after I pared it down, but I eventually made it to my goal of under five minutes. Feel free to share any comments or suggestions. There are a bunch of other questions in the queue, so get ready for more Creatures Hives videos soon!

The Creatures Hive Video Question 1
What Would Your Ideal Modern Creatures Sequel Look Like?

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