The Creatures Hive Video Question 2

A Question About Favorites in Creatures 1The Creatures Hive has received a steady stream of questions, all of which have been keeping me busy thinking up the best ways to answer them! It seems that many readers are interested in some of the ways I play Creatures, although there have been a couple of help-related questions in the mix. I hope to get some more video answers posted this upcoming week! And feel free to leave comments on any of the videos if you would like more information, or just want to share some other information or opinions.

Making the Decision About My Favorite Norn BreedThanks to Leporidae for this rather interesting question about which Norn breed from Creatures 1 is my favorite! This was actually quite difficult to answer, as I have a soft spot for all of the breeds. Some of the ones I disliked in the past have grown on me, particularly since I’ve been working on my project to fix up their sprites and body data issues. I finally decided on the White Haired Pixie Norns, and a couple of adorable babies helped prove why I love them in this video! What do you think? I would love to hear some feedback on which C1 Norn breed is your favorite! Maybe it’s an easier question to answer for some. I couldn’t even name a breed I truly dislike! Enjoy this short video, and make sure to keep up with all of the Creatures Hive videos!

The Creatures Hive Video Question 2
Which Creatures 1 Norn Breed is Your Favorite?

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