Coughing Into an Old Norn

Sickness and the Best Medicine in Creatures 1I was caught off guard when I went to check on Thrennion and his terrible illness. Who was this? I didn’t recognize him at first, but all of that coughing sent Thrennion straight into old age! He was still perilously close to danger: Although he loved to hold onto his honeypot, there was very little actually going into his mouth. I hovered over him while his life force hovered around 40%. The funny thing was that he was actually pretty calm and happy, when one of his coughing fits wasn’t sending him spinning all over the place! Thrennion even managed to eat a little honey, while I sat by and worried. One can never assume a Norn can recover.

Hunched Over and Very Elderly in AlbiaFortunately, I had a little something to keep my mind off of Thrennion’s grave condition, if only for a moment. Zelroo entered old age quite unexpectedly, yet she immediately adopted an elderly pose! It was all she could do to not fall over as she reached out for the ball. Purple Mountain Norns are one of my favorite breeds, but the one feature that I really don’t like about them is the makeup on the females. Zelroo would have been so much prettier with normal eyelids and lips that weren’t fire engine red!

Successfully Fighting Off an IllnessThrennion finally sent that illness packing, and I was thrilled! It was actually a little different, in that the level of antibodies didn’t overtake the antigen. Normally, the red line would have to touch the blue line before the illness went away. Just another reason for me to stay focused on studying these Creatures 1 toxins! With this one out of the way, I hoped that Albia would grant my last remaining Norns and Grendel a reprieve from antigens. I’ve gone hours without any illnesses, and it seemed only fitting that they would leave us all alone. Wishful thinking, but no one got sick! That was an improvement over that quick succession of antigens that invaded poor Thrennion. All he had to show for it was a lower life force and some white hair. But he had lived to tell the tale.

Falling Asleep After a Long Albian JourneyOn that note, Thrennion set out away from the island to try to share his story with everyone else. The trouble was that there wasn’t anyone else living in the world… But he didn’t know that! He and Zelroo briefly crossed paths, but she had more important old Norn things to do. With that trusty honeypot, Thrennion ventured forth… And promptly fell asleep when he realized how much walking was involved. I laughed, while he dreamt of his triumphs over bacteria. Well done, Thrennion!

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