The Creatures Hive Video Question 3

How Blog Updates are Planned at Discover AlbiaThe Creatures Hive continues to buzz, though possibly a little more slowly with me getting sidetracked with a few other Creatures projects! Today, I managed to catch up enough to answer the next question in the queue. It seems that many people are very interested in how things work here at Discover Albia, which is awesome! I’m always open to answer Creatures-related questions, too, although it’s been a nice change of pace to share some of my own personal ideas. The bottom line: I’m having a blast making these videos!

Looking at Different Ways to Blog About CreaturesThis question was submitted by Leporidae, and involves how I plan blog updates. There are two main ways that one can maintain a Creatures blog, which I briefly mention in the video. What works for me isn’t right for everyone, though! I always encourage Creatures players to think about creating their own blogs, since everyone has different ways to play Creatures. Perhaps this video will help others get a little more insight into how I plan things in advance… Or don’t! Thanks again for all of the questions so far. Make sure to check back for more answers in the Creatures Hive video series!

The Creatures Hive Video Question 3
Do You Make Your Blog Posts Ahead of Time, or Do You Post Them as You Finish Them?

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