The Creatures Hive Video Question 4

The Amount of Time Spent Playing CreaturesLife got a little busy for me lately, but the Creatures Hive is back in action with another question and answer! It’s been really interesting so far to find out what sorts of subjects others would like to hear about. Many have been about Discover Albia and some of my own personal ideas about Creatures, yet I still hope that these are helpful! There are still about five questions in the queue right now, and I’m sure there will be more submitted over time. At the very least, something funny or unique usually happens in the videos!

Discussing the Various Creatures Games and the Time Spent PlayingToday’s question came from Leporidae, and got me thinking about just how long I spend in each of the Creatures games. Perhaps the answer will be surprising, considering how much I write! It might even give you some new ideas about playing styles, although my favorite thing about Creatures is how it can be played in so many different ways. The good news is that the Creatures Hive videos are all still under five minutes each, unlike some of the marathon videos I made in the past. Have a couple of laughs, learn a little bit, and think about submitting your own questions to the Creatures Hive!

The Creatures Hive Video Question 4
How Long is a Typical Play Session for You in Each of the Creatures Games?

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