Creature Labs Restored by Gameware Europe

Celebrating the Return of Creatures DownloadsOne of the most important pieces of the Creatures community went down a few years ago, leaving us without the official content and downloads. Gameware Europe has been working on restoring this Creatures content, and some wonderful news came today! Don made the announcement that Jeremy from Gameware Europe restored the majority of the content from Creature Labs. Most important of all is the fact that the free breeds are now available again! KittyTikara also shared this news on the Creatures Reddit. The developer tools have not yet been restored, as the Creatures Developer Network (CDN) is not yet available. However, this is awesome news to see that the official content is being preserved! Head on over to take a look at the restored Creature Labs.

Gameware Europe and the Return of Creatures DownloadsThanks again to Gameware Europe for bringing this part of Creatures history back after the Gameware Development domain went down in May. It means a lot to know that people still care about Creatures! Although this does not encompass all of the official content and downloads, here’s to hoping that everything will be restored in the very near future. Make sure to grab any downloads you may have missed while Creature Labs was down, or read through the historical documents. Thank you, Gameware Europe!

Images Credited to Gameware Europe

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