A Mostly Peaceful Swim Through Artemiidae

Looking at the Norns and Grendels of ArtemiidaeGather up your snorkel, and finally dive back into Artemiidae! I recently shared an update about hatching eggs and meeting some babies, but nothing beats seeing everything in action. This world, although still young, is nearing a crossroads. I’m torn between continuing on with the current population and restarting the world. It’s a purely genetic reason: These Norns and Grendels are very prolific, and the next generation is already enormous! There are population control methods I could implement, too, although restarting could offer up some other possibilities. Artemiidae would remain as is in every other sense, though!

Death in Creatures Docking StationThe Banshee Hydrolisks were up to their usual violent tendencies before I started recording. Although I love them, I’m gradually leaning towards taking them out of the world. I might tweak their genetics slightly to make them less partial to violence, yet they would still pose a natural threat. In their current state, though, the Past Seas is a guaranteed death trap… And that wasn’t at all my initial intention! Every C3/DS world I’ve created has gone through changes and tweaks to make it even better, and these thoughts mean that Artemiidae will continue on! That’s one of the nice things about Creatures: You’re never locked in. Enjoy this new video showcasing a surprisingly docile and calm population of Norns!

Creatures of Artemiidae: Chapter 10

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