Wading Through a Sea of Creatures Eggs

Catching Up with the Nest of Norn and Grendel EggsThere was one very important order of business I mentioned in the last video chapter for Artemiidae, and I finally got around to it! My inventory was overflowing with unhatched eggs, so I started up an underwater hatchery of sorts. I imagined it would go by pretty quickly. After all, there were only 14 eggs to hatch and export! I underestimated all of my Norns and Grendels, though. I actually fell behind because they were all just so excited to be back in action again! 30 eggs. That’s right: They gave me 16 more eggs to deal with.

The Many Unusual Outcomes of Mixing Creatures BreedsI documented some of the interesting babies, including this half-hidden lady who is the first one to incorporate all three Norn breeds! My spreadsheet is in need of a makeover, but at least I can now rest happily knowing that everyone has been recorded and hatched properly. This process took much longer than I anticipated, and some notable events occurred away from the crackling egg shells. I plan on updating everyone on those events soon, and then we’ll be ready to catch up on a new video! Likely I’ll be exploring some population control measures for the future… The next generation already has over 30 Creatures, and we’re nowhere close to done yet! As with most worlds, this one will have parameters that evolve over time to make it even better. What will change? Follow along to find out!

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