The Staples of Albian Life: Cheese and Honey

Moving Onto More Food Updates with CAOSWith the recent release of the updated C1 carrot variant, I figured I might take some time to play Creatures. Yet it dawned on me that this was no time to relax! I originally planned to release these updated food items quite regularly, and that certainly hasn’t happened. So after a bit of a delay, courtesy of technology woes and forgetting all about the remastered patch (which is absolutely crucial), I jumped right into the CAOS behind two very important food items: Cheese and honey. What a diet! These have never been as flawed as some of the other food objects, such as the carrots and lemons, although they could certainly use some fixing up. I have my own ideas, but I would appreciate your feedback! Leave a comment with your thoughts, which might include your ideas about:

  • Amount of Honey: Should each honeypot keep its usual 10 meals, or should this amount be more/less?
  • Honeypot Design: Do you like the honeypot as it is? If you could redesign it, what would it look like?
  • Size of Cheese: Should each piece of cheese last for more than just a single bite?
  • Vending Cheese: How would you like to get more cheese? A plant, or possibly an updated refrigerator COB?*

* I am sticking with updating the official objects in Creatures 1, but this is one rare exception. The sprites for the refrigerator actually came with the original game, and I plan to create this COB from scratch. No copying is intended: Mark Boehler created the wonderful refrigerator COB! I know that the current one does not work with the updated sprites I’ve released, though, which is another reason why I would like to create this COB at some point.

Aiming for Improving a Wonderful GameThe project to update the sprites and body data for the C1 Norns is on hold, simply because those are purely cosmetic updates. These object updates make some visual improvements, but the main driving force behind them is to reduce confusion. I haven’t managed to study these updated COBs in the long-run, but please feel free to share stories of what you’ve observed! In the worst case, I hope these have not made eating any more difficult for Norns and Grendels. Ideally, I hope that these have improved your Creatures’ lives and your own time in the game! This November marks the 20th anniversary of Creatures 1. I hope that there will be plenty of updated objects in your world to celebrate, and I plan to release many before then!

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