The Creatures Hive Video Question 6

Exploring Tips and Recommendations for Creatures 1A somewhat long lost feature is back: The Creatures Hive! The backlog of questions is still rather small, yet I figured it was about time to start these videos back up again. This question made me think very carefully, and I still went over my standard time limit! Still, a little over nine minutes is a short one for me, considering I never stopped talking. Ha! Although my track record looks a bit spotty, these videos will be released regularly so long as the questions keep getting asked. Your question could be featured, so ask away!

Various Tips and Recommended C1 COBsThis “new” question was submitted by Kezune nearly a year ago… Goodness! Helping someone get started in Creatures 1 can encompass a whole lot of information. I stuck with some of the more important tips and recommendations mainly in the technical sphere. Getting started with Creatures 1 is often best done by diving into the gameplay! It can be frustrating and confusing, yet sometimes that’s the best way to learn. Of course, I’m happy to share more specifics, but if I wanted to cover everything, this video would go four hours! Enjoy, and feel free to share your C1 tips and recommendations, too!

The Creatures Hive Video Question 6
Do You Have Any Tips or Recommended COBs for People Starting Out in Creatures 1?

GOG Creatures Games
Remastered Patch
Updated Genomes
Discover Albia COBs
Grendel Friendly COB
Multiple Grendel Button (Manual Fix)
24 Norn Incubator COB
24 Norn Push COB
Refrigerator (Does Not Work with My C1 Food Updates)
Other Recommended Add-Ons and COBs

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