The Creatures Hive Video Question 7

The Secrets Behind Blogging About CreaturesEnjoy a new video from the Creatures Hive! This time, I controlled myself and kept things pretty short. This was an excellent question that really got me thinking about how I manage to post so much, yet the answer is a nice one! There is only one other question in the queue, so please feel free to ask your own using the form. I’ll also try to pepper in some longer videos from time to time, yet these are a fun way to get something answered pretty quickly in a unique format. And you can watch, rather than read!

The Ways to Keep a Creatures Blog Going StrongKittyTikara asked this question nearly a year ago… I’m nearly done with the backlog, though! I write a lot about Creatures, and I hope that this video provides some tips to help current and future bloggers. Believe me, what you might consider a boring post will be interesting to at least one person out there! Make your own mark in the community, write about the things you love, and never be afraid to take a break from Creatures. Just be sure you return at some point, since our community is tiny enough! As always, thanks for watching, and have fun no matter how you play Creatures!

The Creatures Hive Video Question 7
How Do You Write So Many Blog Posts?

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