Announcing the Discover Albia Forum

Introducing a New Forum for CreaturesWelcome to the Discover Albia Forum! Over the past couple of weeks, my clues have been beyond cryptic, yet I successfully kept this project a secret until its release. Each clue had a different letter from the word “forum” in a rather unusual font. After plenty of preparation and testing, I’m thrilled to announce that the newest Creatures community forum is now open! I’m sure there will be a few things to work through as we get underway, but hopefully those issues will be fairly minor. Head on over, learn more about some of the forum’s unique sections, and register to join in!

At the moment, new registrations require manual activation from me. This will ease up over the next few weeks, and I want to be sure we don’t get hit with any spambots or the like right from the beginning. This means that you will have to wait a short time between registering and being able to post on the forum, yet this shouldn’t be that long of a wait! In the absolute worst case, some may have to wait up to 24 hours. Others may be lucky and catch me online at the same time!

The Start of a Forum at Discover Albia

The forum does have some specific rules, particularly about being safe for all ages, yet I hope that it becomes a place to simply enjoy talking about Creatures! Our other community forums are awesome, and this isn’t meant to compete with any other sites. This holds true for Creatures blogs: The more we have, the more active and connected Creatures players tend to be! This is my way of giving back something to our lovely community. Some unique features include:

  • Creatures Challenges: Ready to earn points to unlock prizes? This unique set of activities is set to begin in July!
  • Help Archive: Creatures questions can be answered by anyone and added to an archive for future reference.
  • Link Hub: Active Creatures sites and blogs can easily share important updates and news in one place!
  • Member Guides: Members can share their expertise and knowledge across subjects and post guides.
  • Project Progress Tracking: Working on a breed or other project? Now you can share your progress!

There are many other features, so head on over to the new Discover Albia Forum! I hope that the wait was worth it, and that this will help keep our community and Creatures going strong. I look forward to welcoming everyone aboard!

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