Creatures Blog Highlights: June 30

Bubbling Up and Into the Creatures CommunityThere are many things brewing in the Creatures community, and some are just getting ready to bubble to the surface! The Discover Albia Forum is still only a few weeks old, and it’s filled with all sorts of discussions and ideas! I hope that the current members are enjoying it, and that others might consider joining in the future. Speaking of events, something major is slated to begin tomorrow in the form of Creatures Challenges. July will mark the first month of this set of activities, where you can earn points to eventually unlock prizes for the community. I expect some wrinkles will need to be ironed out, yet I’ll worry about that: You just have fun playing Creatures! There are also a number of new posts from some of our wonderful community blogs, such as:

Creatures News and Updates from Above and BelowWhat else is going on around the community? It feels like new ideas are popping up left and right, which will hopefully bring in a flurry of new activity. I always enjoy reading Creatures updates from existing blogs and those that are just starting up. I know I’m quite excited for the Creatures Challenges, and I hope that enthusiasm spreads! As much as I love to play, I get a lot more enjoyment out of knowing that others are finding reasons to play again, or in different ways. Just as there is no other game like Creatures, this community is one of a kind!

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