Under the Boardwalk in Albia

Plotting a New Egg in Creatures 1Sometimes two Norns tend to gravitate towards one another. Auratum and Hansonii looked perfect together, yet they drifted apart. Auratum went off exploring on her own across the sea, while Hansonii was left all alone on the island. With a bit of excellent timing and a lucky push of the lift call button, they were reunited! There was only one way to celebrate, and that was with a few carrots. After that, the two conspired to give me a little more work. That smile on Auratum’s face was a familiar one. Another egg was on its way! Luckily I only had one other egg to keep an eye out for. These ladies weren’t giving me a challenge just yet, but I do recall the times when I’ve had many pregnant Norns!

The Art of Laying a Norn EggIridollae decided to plant her egg right near the lemon trellis. If it wasn’t clear enough, those lemons were flying off the vines and getting eaten up left and right! The only thing missing were the Norns and Grendels… Everyone left and forgot all about Iridollae’s contribution to the next generation. Of course, she was pretty much done with her egg as soon as she laid it! Iridollae the Irate wasn’t about to spend much time with something that had caused her a lot of discomfort. At least she chose a nice spot to abandon it in! Granted, Norns don’t have much choice in the matter, although some seem to be luckier than others!

A Second Abandoned Norn EggWithin moments, Auratum followed suit and laid her egg, only to leave it behind. Apparently, she and Hansonii spent enough time on egg guard duty to last their lifetimes. This one was left all on its own, right near the water’s edge! Good thing no mishaps can happen. Creatures 1 eggs are pretty much indestructible. Even the most curious and annoying Norn can’t crack one open! The worst I’ve ever seen is a rather unusual egg suit. So cute and funny, yet so very odd! This one had a little time in the sun all alone while Auratum recovered. C1 Norns and Grendels take quite awhile to be ready to start the whole egg incubating process again, which makes each egg rather special. Not many seemed to agree… They kept abandoning them!

The Slow and Steady Growth of a GrendelMeanwhile, one of the more exciting transformations was happening just below the real Creatures 1 boardwalk. Pentlandii, once so cowardly and shy, was all grown up! As he slept, he burst into adulthood in a rather sudden spurt. So much for his old antics of hiding behind almost anything… There would be no losing him now! Just to reiterate, the C1 Grendels are absolutely harmless and are usually better behaved than Norns. Pentlandii may look rather large and imposing, but he’s still a silly and very happy guy! Word has it that he might not be the youngest Grendel for much longer. Might we see another one added to this generation? Pentlandii could only dream away…

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