Visualizing the Creatures 1 Brain

Getting an Idea of Exactly What a Norn Brain Looks LikeThe science side of Creatures is vast and amazing, complete with plenty of poking and prodding! Luckily for our Norns, the only thing that they actually notice is if the syringe is used. All of the other tools are nonintrusive, although they certainly leave no room for Norn privacy! One of the most complex parts of the Creatures series is the brain. I recently started to take a look at some of these concepts, and it dawned on me that I have no idea what the brain actually looks like. There are different lobes, but just what do they look like? Each one differs in size and position, too, and just looking at some coordinates really doesn’t paint the whole picture. So I decided to make just about the simplest diagram of the Creatures 1 brain structure I could. Caution: Nothing fancy or particularly pretty about this one!

Studying the Creatures brain is something I still hesitate to get into because there really isn’t an “easy” starting point. So although I admit that this diagram is nothing special, sometimes that’s the best place to begin! Note that this has nothing to do with how lobes interact: Those positioned right next to each other don’t necessarily link up directly. This is more of a visual to show how the lobes differ in size, particularly related to how massive the concept lobe (9) is! Each lobe is outlined, and the square in each corner represents the size of a single neuron.

The Creatures 1 Brain Structure

# Lobe # Lobe # Lobe
1 Perception 4 Verb 7 Decision
2 Drive 5 Noun 8 Attention
3 Source 6 General Sense 9 Concept

The biggest takeaway from this diagram is the sheer size of the concept lobe (9)! It has more neurons than all of the other lobes combined together, but size isn’t everything. Even the smallest lobes serve vital purposes. We’ll go into a lesson on definitions in the future, but in summary: Each lobe contains a set number of neurons. Each neuron corresponds with a very specific something. Lobes can be connected together, and this happens when neurons from different lobes are connected via paths created by dendrites. Have I lost you yet? The terminology may sound like a lot, but expect to see some other basic diagrams that will illustrate just what these ideas mean! This stuff isn’t the easiest, yet it is really fascinating to see how a Norn thinks. Hopefully this is remotely useful to those dabbling with Creatures brains!

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