Download a Custom C1 World File

Starting Off in the Creatures 1 WorldThere is nothing like starting up a brand new world in Creatures 1, particularly when you haven’t played in a long time… Or at all! It’s come to my attention that some operating systems don’t play very nicely with the Injector Kit, and those players are unable to inject any COBs into their worlds. This is a huge disadvantage, since the vanilla C1 world has a few fixes that I’ve found are essential to fully enjoying the game. This issue also prevents players from utilizing the food updates I’ve created, which have a noticeable impact on independent eating behavior. I’m happy to present this custom world file, which includes the following:

  • Favorite Places: The Incubator, Garden, Temple, Docks, Island, and Settlement are set up for easy exploration.
  • 24 Norn Incubator COB: By Slink, this keeps the incubator open when there are up to 24 Norns* in a world.
  • 24 Norn Population COB: By Slink, this similarly allows natural pregnancies with up to 24 Norns* in a world.
  • Grendel Friendly COB: By Kinnison, this allows Grendels to express positive interactions with others.
  • Multiple Grendel Selector Button COB: By Slink**, this allows the player to select each Grendel.
  • Updated Carrots COB: More information may be found in the release post.***
  • Updated Cheese COB: More information may be found in the release post.***
  • Updated Lemons COB: More information may be found in the release post.***

* Although these COBs can support up to 24 Norns, it is recommended to have a maximum of 15-16 Creatures (Norns and Grendels) at any one time. The Observation Kit is known to crash when there are around 18 Norns in the world.

** The version included with this download was edited by me to make it invisible to Creatures.

*** The sprite files for these COBs are included and must be placed in the Creatures 1\Images directory before loading the world.sfc file. The world will not work properly without these sprite files. More information is in the Readme.

Download the Creatures 1 Custom World (Version 1.0)

Download a Custom C1 World with the Essential COBs and FixesPlease be sure to read all of the information in the Readme file! It may seem like a lot, but I want to be sure that this works for everyone who needs it. Feel free to ask for help if it doesn’t seem to be working, and always keep backup copies of your original world.sfc file just in case. A very special thanks to Malkin for suggesting this sort of download in a recent comment! I also received a similar suggestion via a contact form recently, but the return e-mail address did not work for me. Blake, thank you for the suggestion and hopefully this is what you’re looking for. Keep on enjoying Creatures 1!

I did not include all of my downloads in this file, such as the Updated Carrot Variants. As I finish up more projects designed to fix objects in the game, additional custom world files will be made available. I’m also open to providing other versions, although I would prefer to stick with only the COBs listed above and any official add-ons. Still, feel free to ask! I don’t know what it would be like to be without the Injector Kit, and I can just imagine how frustrating that must be!

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