The History and Details of Discover Albia

Discover Albia was created by me, Jessica, in April 2010 as a way to chronicle the lives of a group of Creatures 1 Norns. The community grew rather attached to these updates, and I realized that my quirky writing style and silly jokes actually had an audience! The blog underwent many changes throughout the years, including new layouts and short periods of inactivity. Discover Albia always stayed true to its roots in Creatures 1, although other features popped up along the way. Creatures 2, Creatures 3, and Docking Station were included in their own ways, either through projects or world concepts.

Today, Discover Albia contains hundreds of posts spanning multiple generations of Norns, Grendels, and Ettins throughout the Creatures games. There are also downloads, genetics lessons, videos, and much more! My initial goal was to give the Creatures community a blog with some entertaining and interesting content. Hopefully that goal has been realized and will continue far into the future! There are always new ideas and plans being worked on behind-the-scenes. Creatures is very near to my heart, and I hope that Discover Albia instills that love and passion into every visitor!

A First Look at Discover Albia
Discover Albia Layout 2010-2013
The Second Layout Design of Discover Albia
Discover Albia Layout 2013-2014

About Jessica

I was first introduced to Creatures in 1998 when I received the first game for my birthday. I remember spending countless hours playing with my Norns and experiencing the magical world of Albia. Part of the reason why I enjoy the first game so much comes from the wonderful memories I will always have. Perhaps Creatures 1 is not the game for everyone, but it will always be one that I will love! I also played Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 many years ago when they were first released, and I knew then that I would always be involved with the Creatures universe.

It was not until I started Discover Albia in 2010 that I became an active member of the community. Even after all the years, I was pleasantly surprised to find such an active and creative community still at work! The art of developing new ideas for Creatures was contagious, and I started to dabble in creating my own downloads. I gravitated more towards fixing up certain elements, such as the Creatures 1 Norn and Grendel sprites. I also learned more about the genetics, and started to share my knowledge in that department. I will always enjoy Creatures, with all of its opportunities and possibilities. I never will escape from it… And I never want to!