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How to Use the Genetic Splicing Machine [C2]

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How to Use the Genetic Splicing Machine [C2]

Postby C-Rex » Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:43 pm


The Genetic Splicing Machine in Creatures 2 is a very powerful machine that can be used to make crossbreeds, which includes ettins and grendels! However, it will need to be activated before you can use it.

Activating the Genetic Splicing Machine
Activating the machine is actually rather straightforward; below the incubator area there is a room with various computers - clicking the control panel of the computer to the left side will show a shee message prompting you that the genetic splicing machine is now fully powered. On some PC screens you may not be able to see the control panel and so you must take your norn down below the incubator room so it is within sight.

Using the Genetic Splicing Machine
The machine itself is unfortunately quite far away from areas where your norns or other creatures may inhabit. Thankfully, however, there are numerous teleporters around the world that can help you. Take your creature to the teleporter and click the star-shaped button on the teleporter; this will send the creature to another random teleporter somewhere in Albia. Keep doing this until the creature ends up in the same room as the genetic splicing machine.

Once you have two creatures in the room, you can begin the process: guide each creature to one of the glass pods and click the button in the centre. This will create a force field so they can't escape. Once both creatures are encapsulated, press the lever located to the left. As the machine operates, both creatures will eventually be engulfed in a flash of light.

Once the machine has stopped, it will lay an egg in the swamp area below (I strongly advise against trying to pick up the egg or touching it as it may cause it to freeze). Within a couple seconds it will hatch. Enjoy your new creature crossbreed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using the machine kill the two creatures?
Yes. However, while their deaths aren't technically recognized by the game they will still appear as deceased within their offsprings' family tree.

Can I use this method to get female grendels and/or ettins?
Yes, but they will be unable to breed unless a third-party patch is installed.

Can I splice animals with creatures?
Sadly, no. The genetic splicing machine does have its limitations, unfortunately, so you won't be seeing a goldfish/grendel hybrid any time soon!
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