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Babies Can't Walk [C1]

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Re: Babies Can't Walk [C1]

Postby DarkAuthor » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:05 pm

The cob was injected before she was born. I imported her parents in and out of the world. They were fine when imported back in and laid the eggs after I had injected the cob.

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Re: Babies Can't Walk [C1]

Postby Jessica » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:58 am

My apologies for taking awhile to resolve this post! After reading the description about the Passageways & Temple Cave, this information struck me as a possible reason for your issue:
Passageway: This opens up a passageway in the wall, joining the house to the music room! Really cuts the length of journeys. You might have to move your Norns out of the room and back again (or export/import them) before they can walk through the tunnel properly.

Perhaps this is why the parents were fine after being exported and imported? Note that room boundaries in Creatures 1 are actually very unusual. In C3/DS, each room is usually a rather small section. You can see a visual of the Creatures 1 topics via LoneShee. The "house" room seems to extend from the incubator to the docks, and the music room is pretty self-explanatory. Hopefully you've managed to start up a new world without any of these issues, though!

Since it's been several months, I'm going to mark this as solved for the time being. Thanks!

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