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Adoption Center [TCR Links]

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Adoption Center [TCR Links]

Postby Venithil » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:31 pm

Hello everyone!

A while ago there was a short discussion in the ideas/suggestions topic about locals here at Discover Albia forums sharing their creatures with one another. Sometimes, we develop a surplus of creature we can't take care of anymore, or find a breed or a world concept that makes us temporarily or permanently abandon the previous playthrough; or even we just happen to have a creature we're particularly proud of or curious about and want to share it! But most upload points don't offer both a 'number of times downloaded' and commenting capacity, nor there is a reliable way of informing others when creatures get uploaded that might interest them!

This topic is for players of all games where exporting one's Norns, Grendels, Ettins and Geats is possible, to inform about uploading creatures that they would like to find a home for to The Creatures Repository, as well for everyone who happens to enjoy adopting to comment and inform everyone of their experience with their adopted Norns. You do seem to need an account to upload anything to The Creatures Repository, however, it is not neccessary for downloading exported creature files to use.

I'll start! Primarily I will be uploading offspring from my breed testing endevours, the occasional creature that's a relative surplus compared to what I need, and maybe the (mostly infertile) previous versions of my breed from Creatures 2 and a little more randomly stuff from my saves in Docking Station. It's unlikely I'll upload many Creatures 1 Norns or Grendels because my populations there are meant to have a narrow gene pool and form a big family.

You can find my creatures here.

Currently the upload consists primarily of Kannova and Canny/Akamai Canny crossbreeds for Creatures 2! These are all a result of testing my breed after I've improved their instincts and may end up acting way differently than any Norns you are used to; however, after the testing and given their parentage, with the occasional exception they shouldn't be particularly frustrating and may be very pleasant to raise! The last creature, Ameretat, is genetically designed to be immortal and become more and more resistant to natural hazards as she ages. Feel free to comment on your experiences with any and all of them and please give them a good home!
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