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A couple of odd norns

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A couple of odd norns

Postby Intyalle » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:14 pm

I've got a couple of norns from the C1 games that I'd like people to have a look at if they could, please.

Ebret -
First up is Ebret, the first norn I hatched into the world (not including the two yin yang imports that... fairly rapidly died. They don't seem to do so well). He looks to be part Forest norn and part Horse norn, but he is first generation. I'm using the updated hatchery genetics that allows for life kit breeds to be hatched as well as fixing the various problems with the original norns.
He lived a very full life, fathering four of the nine eggs to go into generation 2, and was one of only two gen 1 norns left when I started hatching, the other being a good 2-3 hours younger than him.
The first oddity is that he spent a very, very long time with very low life force, eventually even dipping down under 10%. Like, he spent *hours* below 20%. Upon checking his biochem, he had almost nil glucose in his system the whole time.
He got a bit of a second lease on life as the next generation started hatching; the first two were identical females, both his, and he wandered over to the mainland for a time to spend some time with them. When he went back to the island, Lianne (the younger) went with him, and even managed to get him eating again (she proceeded to stick to his side like a burr for the next two hours, it was very sweet).
Eventually, most of the eggs were hatched, and Ebret's aging chemical was inching ever lower. On top of it, he'd finally managed to shake Lianne, and was curled up all alone, so I decided to keep him company and await his death with him before hatching the last egg. I made sure to keep him happy, and together we waited. And waited. And waited.
At one point, he even contracted antigen 6 - which, iirc, antibody 6 is meant to be notoriously slow to build, and it did seem to be quite slow when I glanced at his biochem. I injected him with sleeping pill, hoping to ease his passing, and darted off to take care of a crisis elsewhere. When I checked in again a couple minutes later, though, not only had he woken back up, but he wasn't even sick anymore!
Eventually, baffled at this norn who just would not give up, I exported him at nearly 12 hours old.

Angela -
This was actually the very egg that got delayed while I watched over Ebret. She's the daughter of Andrew, a pixie norn, and Tara, a Ron norn. Fortunately, her appearance was inherited entirely from her father. I love Pixie norns, but I dislike Ron norns.
It was a little difficult to get her into the elevator up to the teaching room, mostly because of the sheer number of norns who had decided to congregate in the nursery at the time. I finally got her up - not alone, but fortunately Rachel soon used the teleporter to leave - and she managed to Encyclopedia Nornica lessons fine.
Unfortunately, when I got to the next step (telling her to push food a few times so that I could thoroughly reward her for it, and then to push mover so she could start exploring), the problems began. She stood around doing nothing a lot, not only not listening to my commands but not really doing anything of her own either. On her own, in the learning room, having just learned her vocab... it was startlingly unusual for a norn to disobey that much. I had had one or two others who took a few slaps to get paying attention, but still... something felt off about her behaviour, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
I checked her decisions, and found all of them exactly equal across the board, rising and lowering in tandem. Feeling uneasy, I next checked the brain scanner and saw only a single point lit up pretty much the whole time.
I did use D-DNA Analyzer to check her genetics against those of her parents, and did indeed find some genes that looked concerning. However, as I don't know what the defaults look like, I can't pinpoint exactly what has been changed. One of the changes does involve a receptor related to the decision lobe and the reward chemical, however.

If someone else could take a look at this pair and tell me what they think, that would be much appreciated :)

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