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Emotional Attachment to Creatures

Talk about everything else Creatures!
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Re: Emotional Attachment to Creatures

Postby Malkin » Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:05 am

I think that infernal looping was partially coded in to compensate for the Friend or Foe lobe not working properly when shipped. I made a patch to help fix this, this is linked to from the page about the brain lobe.

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Re: Emotional Attachment to Creatures

Postby Butterflye » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:08 pm

As a player of C1 (couldn't really get in to C2 onwards), I'd definitely say there is an emotional attachment for me. Today, I lost the first of this generation, Lentil, and it you can't help but feel sad. Granted it's not the tears and snotters of a younger me when I had my first ever Norn die on my watch, but it's still sad. With an ageing population in my world, I feel that the next few days are going to be tough.
I definitely agree that the interactions with the hand make a big difference, and I find that the care aspect too. Like, I always feel more of an emotional attachment to those who have had diseases in the course of their short lives, or at some point, required a bit extra care, than I do for Norns who have straight Point A to Point B lives. Like the ones who avoid the deathcap mushroom, never have been ill and are able to keep themselves healthy by eating and resting.
- But that may say more about me as a person than I'd like to admit! Lol

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