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Old Norns [C1]

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Old Norns [C1]

Postby Izarallia » Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:24 am

I’m so sad! One of my oldest Norns in my current world, Cordana, is very old and refusing to eat. I don’t think she is going to last much longer without something to eat. She still remembers what the food is, but sometimes she has trouble picking it up. Other times she’ll pick it up, but then forget to eat it. I’ve tried everything to convince her to eat or at least take some medicine (what I call plants). She just can’t seem to keep her mind on anything. I seen something in the genetics files about becoming senile. Is that another part to aging (child, adult, senior, etc.), or are they literally senile? This might turn out to be a long sad night :(



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Re: Old Norns [C1]

Postby kezune » Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:07 am

I'm sad to hear about that. It's very stressful when an old creature forgets how to eat. :(

It could be any number of things causing this. Creatures 1 food isn't designed very well so there can be issues down the line when it comes to eating. Jessica actually created a few COBS to help remedy this. Scroll down to Creatures 1 > Updated Carrots, Updated Cheese and Updated Lemons. ArchDragon developed a genome that both sleeps and eats better than the vanilla genome.

I hope that if you give these options a try that things turn out better for your future creatures and good luck with Cordana!
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Re: Old Norns [C1]

Postby Jessica » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:50 am

I hope she managed to pull through! On the subject of being labeled senile, this is actually one of the life stages and doesn't affect brain function. Old and senile Creatures tend to get tired more often, though. Those old bones need some extra rest!

Thanks for mentioning my COBs, Kezune! In a nutshell, the original food items weren't coded correctly and would eventually lead to Norns and Grendels forgetting how to eat over time. Usually this happens because they come across carrot seedlings that don't do anything, but can still be interacted with. So a Norn might try to "push" a food item, which does nothing sometimes. Over time, he or she is more likely to try other actions that might do something with food, but pushing (equivalent to eating) is less likely because they've learned that it only works part of the time. My updates attempt to fix this, and I've noticed much better eating behaviors.

One other thing to try is to put a Norn in a fairly boring and isolated spot, and place a bunch of food items about. The idea is that the Norn won't have many choices on what to do, and will hopefully go for the food. If you skip ahead to around the 15 minute mark of this video, you can see just how stressful and frustrating it is when Norns forget how to eat, particularly when they're ill!

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