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December 2016 Creatures Challenges

Find information and participate each month!
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December 2016 Creatures Challenges

Postby Jessica » Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:58 pm

December 2016 Creatures Challenges

Start Date and Time: December 1, 2016, at UTC 4:00 AM
End Date and Time: January 1, 2017 at UTC 3:59 AM

It's time for another month of Creatures Challenges! Things are still very much in the test phase, although hopefully this month will be a little easier to follow along with than what we went through in July. The most important change is the addition of an optional spreadsheet that does almost all of the calculations for you! The list of basic activities has also been shortened, yet it includes a few new activities. Whether this is your first month participating or you're back for more, enjoy this community activity!

Instructions for Automatic Calculations

You are still welcome to use whatever method you would like to keep track of your points. Remember that there's something rather big coming soon to make this even easier! There is now a spreadsheet that all can use. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. View the December 2016 Creatures Challenges spreadsheet.
  2. Go to File > Make a copy...
  3. Save your spreadsheet and include the link when referencing your points.
  4. Record your activity and watch as your points are automatically calculated!
Please be sure to only input values in column "C" for the sections that automatically calculate the points. "Other Activities" are reserved for the special challenges that are released throughout the month and have varying point levels. You will have to manually input this information, but your total number of points will always be automatically calculated for you! To make things even easier, you should only edit the values in the cells highlighted in light gray. Please contact me if you have any questions or issues.

Basic Activities and Points

Please note that this list will change each month with different activities and point values. When recording your points, please be sure that you're using the correct chart. Thank you, and enjoy!

  • Introduce Someone New to Creatures: 64 Points per Person
  • Release a New Agent or COB: 32 Points per Creation
  • Release a New Creatures Breed: 28 Points per Breed
  • Release a New Metaroom: 26 Points per Metaroom
  • Work on a Creatures Project: 24 Points per Hour
  • Upload a Creature to The Creatures Repository (TCR): 22 Points per Upload
  • Create a New Creatures Wiki Page: 20 Points per Page
  • Write a Creatures Blog Post: 18 Points per Post
  • Play a Creatures Game: 16 Points per Hour
  • Comment on a Creatures Blog: 14 Points per Comment
  • Study Creatures CAOS: 12 Points per Hour
  • Upload a Creatures Video: 10 Points per Video
  • Study Creatures Genetics: 8 Points per Hour
  • Update a Creatures Wiki Page: 6 Points per Page
  • Hatch a Baby Creature: 4 Points per Creature
  • Post on a Creatures Forum: 2 Points per Post
Special Challenges and Points

Remember that there may also be other special challenges posted throughout the month! These surprises will be unannounced, and often have a time deadline. Make sure to check back often so you don't miss out on these opportunities to earn more points!

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