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Participation Guide

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:58 pm
by Jessica
[font=Cuprum][size=200]How to Contribute a Prize[/size][/font]

The most exciting part of Creatures Challenges is the ability to unlock prizes! If you have something you would like to contribute as a prize, that's awesome! Please send me (Jessica) a PM with the following information and any other details:

  • Type of Prize (i.e. genetic breed, COB, metaroom, smilies, written resource, etc.)

  • Associated Creatures Game (if any)

  • Desired Point Threshold

  • Deadline to Unlock (if any)

  • This will lead to a discussion of your contribution to make sure that it will be appropriate as a prize. Not everything can be accepted, yet there are no set requirements. If you feel that you created or developed something that may be of some use to the Creatures community, contribute away! Even if other prizes are already listed, please contribute. It's always good to have more choices available, especially when some prizes are ready to be unlocked. All sorts of prizes can motivate players to participate!

    [font=Cuprum][size=200]How to Join[/size][/font]

    Welcome aboard! Joining Creatures Challenges is quite simple. You decide how you will participate, and remember that even the bare minimum of earned points each month counts for something. Prizes are unlocked as a community effort, so more people help to unlock those rewards even quicker. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should plan to participate at least once every few months to avoid forfeiting any unspent points. Keep playing Creatures, completing challenges, and earning points!

    To join, post a new topic in this board. This will become the place where you will record all of your activity. You may follow a format similar to what others use, or come up with a template that works for you! Note that only you should respond to your topic.

    [font=Cuprum][size=200]How to Report Activity[/size][/font]

    After your topic has been created, you're ready to begin! Check out the current month's Creatures Challenges topic, which will include the point values for different activities. It will also include information about special challenges, some of which may be randomly posted throughout the month. Make sure to check back often to see what you can do to earn more points! Some challenges are time sensitive and might only be active for a few hours. Follow the instructions carefully for any deadlines.

    You can record your activity directly in your topic, or link to a document where you keep track of everything. It's up to you! Please keep the following recommendations in mind as you develop your own system:

  • By the end of the current month, you must clearly show how many points you earned during the month.

  • Points must be broken out by activity, rather than simply listed as a single number, or they may not count.

  • You may record the actual dates of completed activities, but this is only required for certain challenges.

  • [font=Cuprum][size=150]Sample Reporting Structure[/size][/font]

    April 2016 Challenges (44 Points Earned)
    • April 2: Played Creatures 1 for 10 Hours (10 Points)

    • April 16: Wrote a Blog Post About Dendrites (12 Points)

    • April 24: Introduced a Friend to Creatures 2 (20 Points)

    • April 26: Hatched a Baby Norn in Creatures 1 (2 Points)

    May 2016 Challenges (256 Points Earned)
    • May 10: Completed the Super Secret Challenge (250 Points)

    • May 22: Commented on a Discover Albia Blog Post (6 Points)

    You do not need to track your total points, nor how many you have spent, as these are recorded in the [url=http://discoveralbia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8]Standings[/url]. Treat this as your own Creatures activity log. Not only will you earn points, but you might find other ways to play Creatures!

    [font=Cuprum][size=200]How to Spend Points[/size][/font]

    After the current month's deadline, all points are checked and added into the [url=http://discoveralbia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8]Standings[/url]. Be sure to review these around the beginning of each month to see how many points you have earned, and also to find out who was the winner from the previous month! You do not need to spend your points immediately. If you would like to spend points to help unlock a prize, simply make a post within your Creatures Challenges topic indicating the number of points to spend and which prize to spend them on.

    That's it! Some prizes may be unlocked quickly, and others may take some time. This is a community effort, but above all else, Creatures Challenges are designed to make Creatures fun. Enjoy playing on your own and working with the community!