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About Creatures Challenges

Find information and participate each month!
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About Creatures Challenges

Postby Jessica » Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:00 pm


The Creatures game series offers all sorts of features for nearly every type of player, while the Creatures community has always been an active one. Sometimes, though, we might lose interest in Creatures, or find ourselves in need of a few new ideas. That’s precisely where Creatures Challenges come into play! These monthly sets of activities are designed to challenge new and old players, while keeping the community engaged. Participate, earn points, and unlock prizes. Learn more, and join in!

Creatures Challenges take place on a monthly basis and feature various activities that are worth points. These activities range from playing one of the games to releasing a new download. There are also unique challenges each month, some of which are announced ahead of time, and others which are randomly posted! Sometimes there is a time deadline, but the majority of activities count for points during the entire month. Which activities you complete and how often you participate is entirely up to you!

The points you collect serve two purposes. First, the member with the most earned points during a month will be declared the winner. Second, and more importantly, points can be spent to unlock community prizes. Normally there will be multiple prizes available and each member may decide where his or her points are spent. Once the point threshold is reached, that prize is unlocked and made available to the entire community! Even a seemingly small number of points can make a big difference.


A lot of the Creatures Challenges details may sound complicated, but there isn't a lot of work you need to do to participate. In a nutshell, the process for taking part is as follows:

  1. Sign up for Creatures Challenges following the guidelines in the Participation Guide.
  2. Log your activities and points throughout the month, taking care to follow any time deadlines.
  3. View the Standings at the end of each month to find out your total number of points.
  4. Save or spend your points on the Community Prizes to unlock rewards.
  5. Repeat every month you choose to participate!
Rules and Guidelines

Points are earned based on self-reported activity. We trust members to accurately and honestly represent themselves. Can you cheat? Very easily! Yet this isn't designed to be a competition where the person with the top points gets all of the rewards. Everyone benefits from an even playing field. Creatures Challenges are supposed to be fun, so please be honest and truthful to keep them enjoyable! All of the other forum rules and guidelines apply, too. The bottom line? Respect other participants and have fun!


Creatures Challenges utilizes some terms from within the Creatures games in different ways. These are just fancy ways of saying some rather boring things! These custom terms are as follows:

  1. Breeder's Score: Total earned points
    1. This amount increases each month.
    2. Points spent on prizes do not reduce this amount.
  2. Life Force: Activity level over time
    1. The starting level is 70% when you first sign up.
    2. Each month in which you earn points increases this level by 5%.
    3. Each month in which you do not participate decreases this level by 20%.
    4. Reaching a life force of 0% or less will result in your forfeit of all unspent points.

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