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Tikara's Creatures Challenges

Find information and participate each month!
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Tikara's Creatures Challenges

Postby Kitty Tikara » Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:58 pm

December 2016 points are tracked here

[+] Points for July 2016
July 1st: 60 points
Started tracking the new Stinger Norns - 60 points

July 6th: 22 points
Wrote about Grendel-infested Waters - 16 points
Watched Stinger Norns for an hour - 6 points
Glared at Caos script for a few minutes before giving up - 0 points

July 7th: 18 points
Studied C3/DS Caos for an hour - 18 points

July 8th: 16 points
Wrote about some adorable grendels - 16 points

July 11th: 6 Points
Played C3/DS for an hour - 6 points

July 12th: 20 points
Studied genetics for an hour - 20 points
Considered adding allergies to current genome - 0 points

July 13th: 16 points
Wrote about being flooded with babies - 16 points

Total points for July: 158 points

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