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Prizes and Standings

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Prizes and Standings

Postby Jessica » Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:02 pm

Current Standings

  1. Malkin: 402 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force * July 2016 Creatures Challenges Winner *
  2. Kezune: 318 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force
  3. Xan: 228 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force
  4. Jessica: 224 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force
  5. C-Rex: 202 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force
  6. Kitty Tikara: 158 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force
  7. Amaikokonut: 120 Breeder's Score | 75% Life Force
Standings will move to a much easier to track section when Creatures Challenges gets a major improvement, but these values will carry over and give these members a little boost! Make sure to keep an eye out for a big announcement.


Creatures Challenges are slated to begin in July 2016, and prizes will be added as they are contributed. The first month or two will also be used to gauge activity level and estimate the average number of points earned each month. This will ensure that future prizes will require more than one participant to unlock without being unreasonably difficult to get. Don’t forget that this is a joint effort, and that the more people who join Creatures Challenges, the faster prizes can be unlocked!

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