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A Belated Victory Celebration and News

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A Belated Victory Celebration and News

Postby Jessica » Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:32 pm

July 2016 Creatures Challenges Winner

It's taken months to count and recount all of those points... Or maybe someone was just way too busy to do some important Creatures-related stuff. In any event, the Past Creatures Challenges Winners topic has been updated, as have the Standings! The first month was really a test to see if there was any interest in something of this sort, and it certainly seemed like it was the case. Even with just a handful of participants, it was fun to see everyone doing a whole lot of Creatures-related things! Everyone did a wonderful job, and there was someone who earned the most points throughout the month. Congratulations to...


Please get in touch with me with your choice of the following prizes. You may choose any or all of them! Congratulations!

  • Custom Avatar: This can be displayed on the Discover Albia Forum, and you get to help design it!
  • Game Code: You may claim a GOG game code for Creatures: The Albian Years OR Creatures Exodus.
  • Jessica's Points: For this starting month, you may add my (Jessica's) points to your point total!
  • Special Rank: This will replace your standard forum rank until the next winner is announced.
The Future of Creatures Challenges

Life can get very hectic and busy, yet I still feel bad about letting this go for so long. So where are we headed? Creatures Challenges are definitely making a return! I also promised a separate section that would make tracking points simple, and also make the entire process better. Unfortunately I haven't had any time to devote to that project, yet it's happening. Please feel free to poke, prod, remind, and do anything else to make sure I stay on track! I adore this community and all of you. You deserve some more fun stuff about Creatures, and I'll do my best to make this happen sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, what would everyone think to having another month of challenges in December using this old format? What I can do is to create a Google Sheet that can be copied and shared. It would at least have some functionality to automatically calculate points for you. It's still not the best solution, but we'll get there! I believe I can pull some challenges together before December gets here, especially using some of the awesome new ideas. Have any more? Head on over to the Creatures Challenges Help & Ideas topic and sound off! I hope everyone will manage to have a good time this holiday season with some Creatures fun. Thanks!

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