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July 2016 Creatures Challenges

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:56 pm
by Jessica
July 2016 Creatures Challenges

Start Date and Time: July 1, 2016, at UTC 4:00 AM
End Date and Time: August 1, 2016 at UTC 3:59 AM

Any activities recorded before this date do not count towards Creatures Challenges, as this is our first month. You must have your point total completely updated by the deadline, after which time a new month of activities and challenges will begin. Good luck!

Please keep in mind that it will take a few months to iron out the proverbial wrinkles. Things may be a little messy, activities and challenges might not be exactly what you want to see, but we have to start somewhere! Eventually Creatures Challenges will have a "Design Your Own Challenge" yet feel free to share your ideas! Have some fun with Creatures, and maybe challenge yourself to try other things related to the games. Who knows... Maybe you'll find an inspiration for the next greatest add-on!

Basic Activities and Points

Please note that this list will change each month with different activities and point values. When recording your points, please be sure that you're using the correct chart. Thank you, and enjoy!

  • Start a Creatures Blog or Site: 100 Points per Blog or Site
  • Host a Forum Wolfling Run: 70 Points per Run with 10+ Updates
  • Start Tracking a Creatures Project: 60 Points per Initial Post
  • Introduce Someone New to Creatures: 58 Points per Person
  • Release a New Metaroom: 50 Points per Metaroom
  • Answer a Creatures Question: 46 Points per Post
  • Release a New Agent or COB: 40 Points per Creation
  • Submit a Guide or Reference: 34 Points per Accepted Topic
  • Release a New Creatures Breed: 30 Points per Breed
  • Join the Link Hub: 22 Points per Accepted Blog or Site
  • Study Creatures Genetics: 20 Points per Hour
  • Study Creatures CAOS: 18 Points per Hour
  • Write a Creatures Blog Post: 16 Points per Post
  • Contribute to the Creatures Wiki: 14 Points per New or Edited Page
  • Draw a Creatures Picture: 12 Points per Image
  • Write a Piece of Creatures Literature: 10 Points per 100 Words
  • Upload and Share a Creatures Video: 8 Points per Video
  • Play a Creatures Game: 6 Points per Hour
  • Comment on a Creatures Blog: 4 Points per Comment
  • Hatch a Baby Creature: 2 Points per Creature
Special Challenges and Points

Remember that there may also be other special challenges posted throughout the month! These surprises will be unannounced, and often have a time deadline. Make sure to check back often so you don't miss out on these opportunities to earn more points!

Re: July 2016 Creatures Challenges

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:50 am
by Jessica
Creatures Box Art Challenge

Perhaps you remember the days when the Creatures games came in physical boxes, like Creatures Internet Edition or the Creatures Triple Pack. Those were the days, at least for some of us! Your challenge is to design the box art for an existing Creatures game or compilation. Use any method you like! You may prefer to draw a cover, or create something in a graphic editing program. It's entirely up to you! How will you portray the game(s)? The following criteria must be met:

  1. You must create something original, rather than manipulating/recoloring an existing box design.
  2. You may use official images, screenshots, and/or anything you create on your own.
Design and enjoy! Once you've completed the challenge, you may share your finished work in any way you wish! Just remember to update your Creatures Challenges topic. Collect points based on the following scale:

  • Completed Before July 15, 2016, at UTC 4:00 AM: 560 Points
  • Completed Before August 1, 2016 at UTC 3:59 AM: 200 Points
  • **BONUS** Add 140 Points for Completing 2+ Sides of the Box
  • **BONUS** Add 80 Points for Including* Something in the Box (i.e. a Norndoll)
* Including something can take the form of a small text burst saying "X is Inside!" or you could design an opening to show a preview of what's inside besides the game. You might even get creative and use a real box to show off your design!

Re: July 2016 Creatures Challenges

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:50 am
by Jessica
Seasonal Fun Challenge

This time of year usually signals the real start of summer or winter, depending on your location in the world! What about your Creatures? Your challenge is to create a new world in any of the Creatures games that matches your season! This can encompass everything, from agents and COBs to the breed(s) used in the world. Get creative! There isn't a right way to represent a season, yet this does require some careful planning. Once your world is planned, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. At least four (4) Creatures must survive in the world until adulthood.
  2. At least one (1) natural egg must be laid and hatched in the world.
Share your completed challenge however you like, such as via a blog post, but be sure to update your Creatures Challenges topic with the information! You may claim points according to the following scale:

  • Completed Before July 10, 2016, at UTC 4:00 AM: 480 Points
  • Completed Before July 20, 2016, at UTC 4:00 AM: 300 Points
  • Completed Before August 1, 2016 at UTC 3:59 AM: 100 Points
  • **BONUS** Add 80 Points for Including the World in 1+ Video Before the End Date and Time
  • **BONUS** Add 60 Points for Including the World in 3+ Blog Posts Before Before the End Date and Time
  • **BONUS** Add 20 Points for Using 3+ Third-Party Creations (Agents, Breeds, COBs, Metarooms, etc.)

Re: July 2016 Creatures Challenges

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:22 am
by Jessica

Creatures Challenges are mostly a community effort, where the greatest rewards are earned by everyone through collective points. However, there is a little bonus for the person who manages to earn the most points during the month! There are a couple of very minor rules regarding the criteria for being named the winner of Creatures Challenges for a month:

  1. You must keep track of your points, as laid out in the Participation Guide.
  2. Your points must be clearly shown prior to the end date and time.
Now, onto the exciting stuff! The winner of the July 2016 Creatures Challenges may choose any or all of the following rewards:

  • Custom Avatar: This can be displayed on the Discover Albia Forum, and you get to help design it!
  • Game Code: You may claim a GOG game code for Creatures: The Albian Years OR Creatures Exodus.
  • Jessica's Points: For this starting month, you may add my (Jessica's) points to your point total!
  • Special Rank: This will replace your standard forum rank until the next winner is announced.
The winner will also be included in the list of Past Creatures Challenges Winners. Good luck!

Re: July 2016 Creatures Challenges

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:24 pm
by Jessica
Mission STIMpossible Special Challenge

After you pick your jaw off the ground from that terrible pun that doesn't even qualify as a proper joke, get ready for the first special challenge! Creatures genetics can be pretty complicated, and jumping into them can often be a little daunting. The best way to get started is to do just that: Start! For those who are more seasoned genetics experts, this challenge offers an opportunity to explore a specific gene in more detail. To accommodate various skill levels, you may choose to complete one (1) of the following options:

  • Basic: Describe what one of the following stimuli genes means and how it impacts a Creature.
  • Advanced: Choose one stimuli gene (any, including the ones below), describe it, and explain how you would improve it.
Basic Stimuli Gene Options

  • C1 Ado F 'Invol 1='lay egg'' causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 190*Pain + 160*Tiredness + 112*Sleepiness + 32*Hexokinase
  • C1 Emb B 'I've Activated1' causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 3*Tiredness++ + 16*Boredom-
  • C3/DS Emb B Activate machine (90) causes sig=0 GS neu=0 int=0 => -12*Boredom + 2*Hunger for Fat
  • C3/DS Emb B Play Critter (86) causes sig=0 GS neu=0 int=0 => -25*Anger + -25*Loneliness
All set and ready to go? Since this is a special challenge, it has a limited time frame. You absolutely must meet the following requirement in order to earn points:

  1. Reply to your Creatures Challenges topic prior to the deadline either with your complete writeup, or with a link to the place where you completed the challenge, such as your Creatures blog.
This special addition to Creatures Challenges offers up a few bonuses, and is a great way to earn some points! No matter which option you complete (Basic or Advanced) you'll be learning, sharing genetics information, and enjoying Creatures! Maybe this will even jumpstart your interest in Creatures genetics. You may claim points according to the following scale:

    Completed Before July 16, 2016, at UTC 4:00 AM: 600 Points
    **BONUS** Add 100 Points for Writing About 3+ Stimuli Gene
    **BONUS** Add 80 Points for Including Information About How Agents/COBs Work with Stimuli Genes
    **BONUS** Add 40 Points for Including a Screenshot and/or Video Showing the Stimuli Gene in Action
And yes, if you end up spending at least one hour studying genetics, you may also claim that time for the "Study Creatures Genetics" points. A double win, and a whole lot of points to save up for future prizes!