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Rats!! [CV]

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Rats!! [CV]

Postby Malkin » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:09 am

So I was looking at my Creatures Village lately, and I saw in the logfile that there was an error in the rats!!.cos (in the 003 cav_merge folder of the bootstrap).

[+] log file text
Agent runtime error:
Runtime error in agent 2 31 1 script 2 31 1 9 unique id 60035
Invalid map position (5044.731445, 1363.900024)
... 0 mvby -45 -50 else {@}mvby 0 -50 endi attr 192 setv ...

Sat Nov 19 18:43:44 2016 - John - 2.144
Action: Autokill

So I had a go, and have used TMVB, a relative of my good friend TMVT, to try and fix this problem:

Altered rats!!

I feel like there's a more elegant solution to this problem floating just out of my reach... Does anyone have any ideas?

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