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Project Posting Guide

Discover what other players are working on.
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Project Posting Guide

Postby Jessica » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:18 am

Ideas vs. Projects

Although this section is designed to allow creators and developers to track their progress, sometimes a project begins with an idea! Feel free to create a topic to get an idea moving forward. Please avoid topics that are extremely broad, such as asking what to do next. Instead, you might talk about an idea for a specific breed you have in mind, and members can help narrow it down and inspire you to move forward with the project. Have fun! Every Creatures idea and project is most welcome.

Recording Progress

Your project might be well underway, or it might still be in the planning stages. Regardless, post a topic to let the community know what you're working on! This allows you to share your progress, which could be in the form of detailed updates or quick status posts. The goal? To let the Creatures community know what's in the works, and to give creators a space to share their development journeys! Please keep the following information in mind:

  1. Each idea or project should have its own topic to keep everything in one place.
  2. Please try to post about projects that have a good chance of being completed.
  3. Separate topics for polls may be used, but please do not use these excessively.
  4. Unfinished project topics that have not been updated for sixty (60) days will be locked.
When creating a new topic, be sure to provide as many details as possible! We want to learn more about what you're doing so we can get excited for its release. Things to include, either initially or at some point, are as follows:

  • How can the community help you and/or motivate you?
  • How long do you think the development process will take?
  • What game is this project for, and what exactly is it?
  • What inspired you to work on this project?
Finally, be sure to make it easier for others to understand your project at a glance by marking your topic with the following:

  1. Include [C1], [C2], [C3], [C3/DS], [CV], or [DS] to designate a topic for a specific game.
  2. Use a language indicator for topics not written in English, such as [DE] or [FR].
For example, a topic title might be Manilla Folders COB [C1] or Neue Basis-Genom [C3/DS, DE]. These won't apply in every instance, yet they do help keep things a little more organized!

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