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Guide to Posting Questions

Get help related to every Creatures question!
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Guide to Posting Questions

Postby Jessica » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:28 am

Before Making a Post

There are a countless number of Creatures-related questions, and we always want everyone to get answers as quickly as possible! Remember that many issues have been reported and resolved before. Before posting a question, be sure that it hasn't already been answered. Perhaps someone already solved it, or found a seemingly lost download! To keep things organized, duplicate questions should be avoided. Check the following resources to see if your question has been answered:

You may also want to try an advanced search as a final check. It isn't a problem if duplicate questions are accidentally posted, but taking the time to look through previous posts is greatly appreciated! Duplicates may be locked or removed accordingly.

Guidelines for Questions

Still in need of some help? The Creatures community is always happy to answer questions. Whether you're a new player in need of assistance or an existing player looking for advanced help, someone will be glad to help! Use the following posting guidelines:

To Ask

  • Include a short description of your question or issue in the topic title.
  • Include [C1], [C2], [C3], [C3/DS], [CV], or [DS] to designate a topic for a specific game, if applicable.
  • Use a language indicator for topics not written in English, such as [DE] or [FR].
  • Expand on your question and include any of the following elements that apply:

    Code: Select all

    [b]Type of Question:[/b] (General, C1, C2, C3, DS, C3/DS, or CV)
    [b]Version of Creatures:[/b] (i.e. Creatures 1 CD or Creatures Exodus from GOG)
    [b]Install Directory:[/b] (My Documents or Program Files)
    [b]Operating System:[/b] (i.e. Windows 7 or Windows 10)
    [b]Remastered Patch Installed:[/b] (Yes, No, or Not Applicable)
    [b]Error Message:[/b] (Exact Text)

    [b]Full Question:[/b]
    [b]Details and Other Information:[/b]
  • When your question has been answered, please edit your original post to add "Answered" to the top.
  • Your post will be locked after it is marked as "Answered" and may be added to an appropriate archive.
Example Question 1

Topic Title: How Do I Fix the Health Kit? [C1]

Type of Question: C1
Version of Creatures: Creatures: The Albian Years from GOG
Install Directory: My Documents
Operating System: Windows 7
Remastered Patch Installed: Yes
Error Message: No error message is available

Full Question: The Creatures 1 Health Kit crashes every time I use it. How can I fix it?
Details and Other Information: No matter what I do, the Health Kit will not open. I tried restarting my computer and starting a new world, but it crashes without fail. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!

Example Question 2

Topic Title: Where Can I Find the Updated Lemons? [C1]

Type of Question: C1

Full Question: Where can I download the updated lemons?
Details and Other Information: I remember reading about an update to the Creatures 1 lemons, but I can't remember who created them. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks for any help!

To Help

  • Anyone may help and post answers, but please be accurate and complete with your responses.
  • Questions marked as "Answered" are or will be locked, and do not require any additional replies.

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