Another Happy Day in Albia

I find that I really look forward to starting up Creatures 1 to check on my Norns. Even though the population is starting to grow, I still find it necessary to check in on everyone. In the theories of nature vs. nurture, I believe that I’m probably nurturing about 95% of the time! I’m going to see if, over time, this eventually makes way for nature to take a more prominent role. But with my nosiness and close attachment to each Norn, that might take some time!

One case in point is Evria, who is quite easily distracted by other Norns. She had neglected to seek out any nutrition for some time, but a wonderful gift of a full honey pot from me was enough to turn her mood around! She had best watch where she’s going, though… Running around can result in some nasty collisions! Thankfully, Creatures can’t fall, due to “invisible” boundaries. However, I have noticed that a Norn’s pain increases when he or she continuously walks into a wall. Very realistic, although they seem to take no notice at first! Not exactly attentive beings…

Avira has been quite adventurous and a little solitary after giving birth to Rafin. Luckily, she has her mother’s sense of taking a rest every now and again. After a little help, she even got the hang of cracking open a coconut to get at the delicious feast inside. For whatever reason, the island seems to be a place that many Norns enjoy visiting, even with its limited food supply. Perhaps it’s all about the views and sea air! It was also a very nice spot for living alone, so perhaps that played into the migration decision.

I had a good laugh when I saw Diren stopping in his tracks to stare at the scarecrow in the garden! I think it qualifies as the scariest thing in Albia, as far as appearances go. Perhaps a friendly looking Norn face would have been more appealing? I know for a fact that it doesn’t keep Grendels away… Xodin marched right past it earlier in his life! It’s perfect for Halloween, yet I hardly think it warrants keeping out all year round. Perhaps the Creatures 1 development team decided to have a little fun! There are plenty of background tidbits that can be found in the game. Just takes a keen eye and some time!

A much happier and heart-warming situation happened with Evria and Evrietta. They may have missed Mothers’ Day by a day or two, but mother and daughter ended up pregnant at just about the same time! Evrietta was so excited about laying her shiny egg that she picked up the trumpet to play a little tune! She couldn’t have chosen a better spot, either, since the lift travels directly up to the computer. Apparently she wanted her youngster to have a great education right from the start. Smart thinking on her part! It was likely just luck, though I liked to think she had a plan.

A short time later, Evria showed off her camouflage skills by hiding behind a ball and laying her egg nearby. This might not have been the best place… That egg could be confused for a toy! She and Evrietta seem very close: They were together when Evria laid her second egg, and often travel together. However, they are also capable of living their own lives. It’s almost as if they know to come together during important life events. I wonder if that bond will continue? I think the females have a pretty good idea of how crazy I get when new babies are ready to hatch: That must be why they’re conspiring to get pregnant at the same time!

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