Communicating Updates to Discover Albia

I try to update Discover Albia at least twice a day with new content. As I was working on a new post today, I thought about the different ways that new and returning visitors reach the blog. I can also imagine the frustration of visiting a few times without seeing anything new, since I’m usually quite impatient when it comes to waiting!

This brought me to think about the best ways of communicating updates. As usual, I’m seeking your wonderful input! Almost every comment made so far has led to deeper thinking or the uncovering of an interesting fact, and I am very thankful to everyone who has visited and posted! My goal is to make it fun to visit Discover Albia by streamlining the update process as much as possible.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to participate in the following poll. Feedback via comments is also most welcome! Aside from improving Discover Albia, I’m also hoping to find out if the Creatures community can be brought together in new ways with different forms of communication. Thanks again!

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