Fun in the Garden

In Albia, about half of my Norns enjoy traveling around the world, occasionally coming back to the garden. For the most part though, these explorers prefer new and different sights. The other half have spent the majority of their lives in or near the garden, where I prefer having them. One of the benefits of keeping Norns in the garden is the use of the teleporters: With the right planning, Norns can be separated out one by one to be fed and given individual attention from time to time. Sometimes all a hungry Norn needs is some time alone to enjoy a meal!

Onessa rarely strays further than the pianola, preferring the abundant food sources in the garden, as well as the company within. I missed out on her childhood while attending to the traveling Norns, who often need a little help finding food. Onessa feeds herself quite well, which is always a wonderful trait! A funny thing happened with her, though. After eating several carrots, she quickly fell asleep. Perhaps this was a carrot coma? Ha! She still held onto the carrot root, though… Keep an eye on it. This is a very important lesson in one of the odd things that can happen in Creatures 1. No worries: It caused no damage or problems!

Clearly, Onessa just needed a little more rest to show off that classic Brown Mouse Norn smile! Interestingly enough, take a look at that carrot root again… It’s a little difficult to see, but it actually grew while she was holding it! I’ve never seen this before, even with Norns who carry around carrot roots for a while. Normally, a Norn will drop this after a short period of time, and it will appear in the garden and take root. After Onessa woke up, she dropped the growing carrot. It would have been pretty funny if she had held onto it until it matured completely! This would have been an easy snack!

Pictured here are the two sisters, Izria (left) and Evrietta (right). Recall that Evria, their mother, was very close with Evrietta for a good deal of time. She has since headed off to explore the world with a different group of Norns. A very close bond seems to have formed between the two sisters, though. Evrietta has always stayed relatively close to the garden, while Izria made a journey to the island, but quickly returned! They love following one another around, especially up to the computer. Having someone to follow her around was a little much, yet it certainly beat the possibility of leading a very lonely life.

Finally, Rafin made a trip back to the garden, where he discovered his long lost toy! I have a feeling that he won’t be sticking around for long, since he much prefers to explore. There are a good deal of fertile females about, though, so hopefully he’ll decide to stick around long enough to help fuel the next generations! I love his little tuft of hair on the top of his head. I’m hoping that he’ll eventually have a daughter or two with his looks… Since Adria is an elder now, only Avira has blond hair!

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