Never Expect Monogamy with a Norn

Naturally, Norns are polygamous by nature and are mainly driven by drives and the desire to pass along their genes. Of course, with Adria and Noric, I was hoping against hope that our newest mature female, Evria, would end up with Diren. It was all wishful thinking! Noric took advantage of a little alone time with Evria, who appears to be very fertile. Adria was right to be surprised about the newest member of the group! Still, Noric looks so very protective of Evria and her egg. His genes are dominating Albia at this point, which may signal the introduction of a new first generation male.

After some time the little egg hatched to reveal another female, who is a spitting image of Evria! Meet Evrietta, who is another valuable addition to the next generation of Norns. I have yet to get a closer look at her, but I’m almost certain that she only has White Haired Pixie traits. Maybe Adria will never realize that Noric was with another female! It could turn into one of those scandals… Which Norns couldn’t care less about.

My previous thoughts of hatching another first generation male are well-founded: At this point, Albia is inhabited by four females and two males. The balance is not off by much, but both males are related and don’t offer the genetic diversity that ensures better generations down the line. An interesting fact so far is that of the three second generation babies, all have the appearance of the same-gender parent. For example, Noric’s two daughters most resemble their mothers, while Diren is almost an clone of his father. Has anyone had experiences with this phenomenon? I could also just be jumping to conclusions with a very small sample size. I’m hoping for a break in the trend with the next baby Norn!

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